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BB Code Reference

Why BBCode?

Users often want to create rich and featured documents on the web. In order to protect the users of this site, vBulletin implements BB Code. These codes allows you to create exciting content without worrying about the people who may not be working in your best interest.

Basic BBCode

Basic BBCode allows the basics of document formatting. The BBCode included here are font, color, size, bold, italic, underline, and alignment.

Creating Links

These BBCodes allow you to link to web pages and emails both within and outside the the current site. They make it easier to share information.

Using Quotes

Quotes are a great way to maintain continuity in long conversations. They can be used to provide context and reference posts for replies to posts made hours or days earlier.

Inline Media (Photos and Videos)

Media allows your content to come alive. vBulletin allows you to embed media including images and videos within your content. These BB Codes explain how to do this manually.

Using Smilies

Smilies are icons that can be used in your posts to express emotions or feelings. You might wish to use these to show that you are happy, sad, joking, or embarrassed. For example, if you are telling a joke or being sarcastic you may wish to add a wink instead of writing ’this is a joke'.

Creating Lists

Lists allow you to create bulleted points for your topic.

Creating Tables

Tables are used to format and control tabular data. Like a spreadsheet. The software supports basic table functionality to allow this.

Using Code Snippets

Displaying Code within a topic often requires special handling to preserve formatting and prevent it from being parsed by the end-user’s client.