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Managing Phrases

Path to managing phrases: Languages & Phrases > Phrase Manager.

The Phrase Manager provides a way to record and manage the values of language variables.

The values can be in US English (the default natural language) or another natural language (for example, German). As a specific example, the value of the variable 1_day_ago could be One Day Ago, or it could be Vor Einem Tag, which is the German equivalent of One Day Ago.

In the Phrase Manager, variable names are grouped by category (for example, Albums, BB Code Tools, and Global).

Managing Phrases

The default number of phrases to show per page is 15; to show more or fewer per page (for example, 10 or 20), enter the number and click Go.

Editing a Phrase

Editing a Phrase

For example, if you select Global as the phrase type, click the US English link to open the popup window, and select the edit_blog_categories variable on the left-hand side of the windows, the value of the edit_blog_categories variable displays on the right-hand side of the window as Edit Blog Categories.


  • Product: Tells you what product added the phrase. Default: vBulletin.
  • Varname: Variable name of the phrase that will be used to identify the phrase in code.
  • Text: Default phrase text string.
  • Below this is a text area for each language on the site. Here you can create any translations necessary. If you leave the box blank, the original value from the Text box will be used.

Note: To delete a translation, remove the text in the translation box.