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How do I customize my profile?

The site administrator may have given you the ability to customize your profile. This allows you to change the fonts, colors and backgrounds on different elements of your user profile. To get started click on your name in the top right corner and select My Profile from the drop down. Once viewing your User Profile, click the "Customize My Style" button in the left column.

This will open up the customization interface above your user profile. You will see three tabs covering the different areas you can customize. These are:

  • Navigation Bar - Allows you to change the look of your profile's navigation. This is the area where it says Activity, Subscribed, About, Media.
  • Content - This customizes the main content areas that show for each of the above tabs.
  • User Panel - This is your information panel on the left side of the screen.

As you make changes in the customization tool, they are reflected on your User Profile for review. When you are done making changes, clicking the "Save" button will save them for you. If you wish to abort your changes, then click the "Exit Without Saving" button.

Navigation Bar

Your profile's navigation bar has four subsections available for customization. These are:

  • Active - The currently selected tab. Usually you will want to highlight this tab to provide a visual indication to the person viewing your profile.
  • Inactive - All the other tabs.
  • Toolbar - This controls the look of the toolbar directly under your Navigation Bar.
  • Buttons - Controls the look of any buttons in the Navigation Area. These appear on the Toolbar and there are buttons present on the Subscribed and Media tabs.


There are four areas of customization available for your content. These are:

  • Colors - Allows you to change the border and background colors throughout the content areas of your user profile.
  • Header - Currently headers separate the different areas on your About tab.
  • Text - Allows you to change the font used as well as the colors used for links on your profile.
  • Buttons - Changes the look and feel of all buttons located in the content area of your user profile.

User Panel

There are three areas available for customization on the user panel. These are:

  • Colors - Colors of the borders and you would set the background color or image here as well.
  • Text - Text color and font style would be chosen here.
  • Buttons - This allows you to set the text color and backgrounds for buttons in the User Panel.

What are these codes used for colors?

The color codes are called "Hex Codes" and they can be used to represent all colors in the fashion of #RRGGBB where R equals Red, G equals Green and B equals Blue. Combining variants of these three colors make up all colors you see on your computer monitor. You can used certain named colors as well. You can learn more about colors at W3Schools Colors.

You can also click on the color swatch for each color setting to choose from a color picking tool. Simply click on the color you want and the software will insert it for you.

Can I upload images for backgrounds?

Yes, if your site administrator as allowed it then you can upload images to use as your backgrounds in your user profile. Simply choose image in the Background portion of your tabs.
updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11