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How do I create a new group?

As a registered member, you can create your own Group (providing the administrator allows this). Go to the Groups page and on the module that is displayed, click the '+ Create Group' button. On the page that follows, you have a variety of options to tailor your group to the way you need it. If the administrator has added Group Categories, you will be able to specify which category your group is part of. Complete the title and description for your group and then select the type. There are three types of groups available:

  • Public - Open to all. There is no restriction on who can join or who can post messages to it.
  • Invite Only - Members will require an invitation to join the group. Invitations can only be sent by the group owner or forum moderators and administrators.
  • Moderated - Open to everyone but messages are moderated before they appear. They are moderated by the group owner and the site moderators and administrators.

You are also able to set permissions on who can see and post in your group.

You can choose to Publish your group after adding this information and sticking with the default settings or you can click 'Next' which will bring you to a page that'll allow you to further customize the permissions of your group and how it should work.

On the next page, you will be able to add moderators for your group. They will be able to review join requests, subscriber requests and also posts.

On the final page, you are able to invite members to join your freshly created group. Once you have done this, click 'Save & Publish' and your group is ready.

updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11