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Inline Moderation

Inline thread moderation allows moderators and administrators to edit topics and replies easily from the Forum or Topic that they are currently viewing.

Channel Topic Moderation

To access the inline moderation for topics open a forum page, and click on the Topics tab, if not already selected. A list of topics is displayed. Each topic has a checkbox at the end of the row. Selecting the checkbox adds the topic to the list of topics to be moderated. The topic will be highlighted to signify that the topic has been chosen.

Once you have selected the topics that you want to work with, select the moderation menu as indicated by the image below.

Channel Inline Moderation

Then choose the action that you wish to complete. All selected topics will have the action applied to them.

Selecting the checkbox to the right of the Moderation Menu Control will select all topics on the current page.

Actions Available

  • Move Threads : Brings up the move topicss interface. This allows you to move a thread to another Forum.
  • Merge Threads : Merges the selected topics into a new thread.
  • Delete Threads : Brings up the delete topics interface that allows you to choose between soft and hard deletion (depending on permission level). You can also choose to delete the topic as SPAM. When you do this, you can ban the user from your site.
  • Undelete Threads : Restores soft-deleted topic.
  • Open Threads : Opens one or more closed topics.
  • Close Threads : Closes on or more open topics.
  • Approve Threads : Publish one or more topics that have been marked as suspect either by another moderator or the system’s Anti-Spam Controls.
  • Unapprove Threads : Unapproves one or more topics, sending them back to moderation. Unapproved topics, are not visible to most users.
  • Stick Topic : Pins the topic to the top of the page. This highlights the topic and removes it from the normal sort order.
  • Unstick Topics : Removes the pinned topic and places it in the normal sort order.
  • Feature Topics : Adds a flag to the thread so that if a user searches for “Featured Topics” this thread will appear in the results. Featured Topics are used for content in the Content Slider Module.
  • Unfeature Topics : Removes the featured topic flag from one or more topics.
  • Select All : Selects all the topics on the current page, including sticky, soft-deleted, unapproved, and closed topics.
  • Select None : Resets the selected topics on the current page, including sticky, soft-deleted, unapproved, and closed topics.
  • Invert Selection : Selects all currently unselected topics, and resets previously selected topics on the current page, including sticky, soft-deleted, unapproved, and closed topics.
  • Select Unapproved Threads : Selects all the threads that are not visible to members (in the moderator queue) on the current page, including sticky, soft-deleted, and closed topics.
  • Select Deleted Topics : Highlights all the topics that are marked as soft-deleted on the current page, including deleted topics that are sticky, unapproved, and/or closed.
  • Select Threads with Attachments : Highlights all the topics that are have attachments added to them on the current page, including topics with attachments that are soft-deleted, sticky, unapproved, and closed.

Individual Topics

When you enter a Topic, there are two different Inline Moderations tools. One allows you to perform moderation options on the topic. The other is for moderating multiple posts within the topic.

Topic Inline Moderation

Topic Moderation

If you enter a single topic, you can perform all topic moderation actions on it from the Topic Moderation Menu.

Actions Available

Topic moderation has many the same actions as listed above under Channel Topic Moderation. However they only affect the correct topic and the selection options have been removed.

Post Moderation

If you enter or view a specific topic, you gain access to the Post Moderation icon. This allows you to treat individual posts as a group similarly to how topics are handled on the Forum page. Each post will have a checkbox in the upper-right corner of its display. Selecting the post will mark it for moderation actions. Once you have selected the posts you want to act on, then you can choose from the moderation menu, as shown below.

Actions Available

Move Posts Merge Posts Copy Posts Delete Posts Undelete Posts Approve Posts Unapproved Posts View Selected Posts Select All Select None Invert Selection Select Unapproved Posts Select Deleted Posts Select Posts with Attachments