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How do I share photos?

You may share photos in any forum, group, or blog for which you have permission to do so. If you see the "Share Photos" button, represented by the camera icon, in the editor you may click on it either when creating a new topic or posting a reply.

You may attach photos (or any image) to a post either by uploading new files or attaching images you previously uploaded.

To upload new photos press the Upload button and browse to the images you wish to upload. You may add multiple images by using standard "shift & click" or "control & click" options to select multiple files. To upload additional images press Upload More, otherwise press Continue.

To attach previously uploaded images press Select from Photo Album. On the next screen select from available photo albums on the left and chose one or more images on the right by checking the box corresponding to the thumbnail you want. Press Continue when done.

If you've attached existing images press Continue again to return to the main editor.

If you haven't already you may new enter some text in the message area.

When finished press Post or Post Reply to post the shared photos.

Note: if you are sharing more than several photos only a few thumbnails will be visible in the initial post. There is no way for you to increase the number of thumbnails shown in a post.

updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11