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Notices allow you to relay information to users at the top of every page.

Notices Manager

Path to Notices Manager: Notices > Notices Manager

The Notices Manager is the primary page for working with notices. It lists all notices created by administrators for your site, and allows you to see at a glance the active status and display order of all notices defined in your system.

Note: You must click Save for changes to take effect.

To add a new notice, click Add New Notice, which takes you to the Add New Notice page.

You can toggle the active status of all notices by checking or unchecking the Toggle Active Status for All checkbox.

To edit a notice, click its title or the Edit link associated with it.

To delete a notice, click the Delete link associated with it.

Each notice is displayed with 3 checkboxes and a text box containing a number. These represent the active status, the persistent nature of the notice, whether it is dismissible, and numbers representing the notice’s display order.

If a notice is not active, it is never displayed to site visitors.

A notice that is not persistent is displayed only once per browser-session; otherwise, it is displayed throughout the browser session.

A message that is dismissible can be dismissed by the user.

The display order text box controls the order in which the notice is shown, both in the Notices Manager and to visitors. Display order also controls the order in which notices are checked, so it’s important for the ‘Notice x has not already been displayed’ condition. Notices with the lowest numbers are displayed first.