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Navigation Bar

What is the Navigation Bar?

The Navigation Bar makes up the primary menu in vBulletin. End-users will use this navigation to reach the sections of your site. It is displayed directly below the Header. The Navigation Bar is made up of two parts. First is the Main Navigation Bar. When using the Styles provided by the software, the Navigation Bar appears as a series of horizontal tabs under the Header. Second, each Tab in the Main Navigation Bar can have a collection of Sub-Navigation Links assigned to it. This is called the Sub-Navigation Bar. Sub-Navigation Links appear beneath the tab which they are attached. It appears as a horizontal menu.

Accessing the Navigation Bar Controls.

To add a navigation item to your site, make sure that Site Builder is turned on by clicking the [button=“sb-editsite”]Edit Site[/button] button in the user menu at the top of the page. Once the Site Builder menu appears, click on the Navigation Bar link.

How to Add Navigation Items

Open the Navigation Bar editor by clicking its link in the Site Builder Menu. The Navigation Editor will open beneath the Site Builder Menu. In the editor, click the [button=“sb-bluebutton”]New Navigation Item[/button] button. A dialog will appear where you can enter the name of the Navigation Item, the URL of its destination, and control who sees it.

Formatting your URLs

  • If you are creating a link to a location outside of vBulletin, you must use a fully qualified URL. E.g., https://example.com/mylink.html.
  • If you are linking to a page within the vBulletin system, you can use the page name. E.g., articles to link to the articles page.

If you wish to have the link visible to specific usergroups, then click on the Edit link under Usergroups. Select the groups that should be able to view the link. To have the link appear to all usergroups, do not select any or select “All Usergroups”.

How to Add Sub Navigation Items

Navigation items are tabs, while sub-navigation items are links beneath their parent item. In the Main Navigation Bar list, click the right arrow ([fa=“fa-caret-right”] to the far right of the navigation item you want to add the sub-navigation item to. When you have the navigation item selected, click on the [button=“sb-bluebutton”]New Sub Navigation Item[/button] link.

Once the navigation item form is open, create your sub-navigation item as usual and click [button]Save[button] This returns you to the previous form. Add as many sub-navigation items as you want and click [button]Save Changes[/button] when you’re finished.

How to Edit Navigation Items

Find the navigation item you want to change and click the Edit ([fa=fa-pencil]) link to the right of its name. This opens a popup that allows you to change the name, URL, and permissions of a navigation item. When you have finished making your changes, click the ‘Save’ button. If you want to change the order of the navigation items, click on the item and drag it up or down to the desired position.

Once you have finished making changes to the Navigation Bar and it fits your needs, click the [button=“sb-editorbutton”]Save Changes[/button] button. The page will reload with the changes you’ve made.

How to Remove Navigation Items

Click on the ‘Navigation Bar’ button. This will open form beneath the menu bar. From here, click on the Delete ([fa=fa-trash-o]) icon to the right of the Navigation Item that you want to remove. Once you’re done, click the [button=“sb-editorbutton”]Save Changes[/button] button.