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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Q&A

Can I migrate my current vBulletin site into your Cloud Platform?
Yes, we can import any version of vBulletin from 3.6 and higher into the vBCloud platform. Please contact sales to get started with the migration process.
What version does vBulletin cloud run on?
vBulletin Cloud runs on vBulletin 5 connect, with a few specialized features for Cloud Users. Cloud customers will always be on the latest version of the vBulletin 5 connect software.
Who hosts vBulletin Cloud?
vBulletin Cloud is hosted by Internet Brands and vBulletin Solutions, Inc.
How is my storage divided between MySQL / Attachments?
Currently it is not, your allocated storage is your total limit. Should you get close or go over this limit we’ll be in touch with you
Does Cloud Support feature ‘X’?
The primary difference is that you cannot run most addons or modifications in cloud, or modify the template system. You will also not have access to the files, or the ability to upload non image files to the service. You can find out more here: http://www.vbulletin.com/en/vbcloud-features
Can I customize my language, or use a non default language
The vBulletin Cloud software can be translated like the downloadable program. In addition to English, we also have Spanish, French, and German Language packages available.
What are the differences between the cloud package levels.
The Bronze Package is our basic package, this package includes 100 GB of storage, 25 GB of Bandwidth and includes forum support.
The Silver Package builds on the bronze package. It increases monthly bandwidth to 75 GB and includes ticket support.
The Gold Package builds on the silver package. It increases monthly bandwidth to 200 GB and includes phone support as well as ticket support.
Do I own my forums contents / data?
Yes, you own all of your own data. You may request a backup of the site data at any time. A support agent will fill your request ASAP.
Can I migrate to the standard or download license product at a later date?
Yes, it is possible to move to the download product from cloud. Contact support to receive a backup of your data and start the process.
Can you help with that migration, or can I pay for it?
If you purchase the professional installation, along with a full download license, we will be able to migrate your current data to your new webhosting platform. Be aware that the download product requires a webhost, domain name, and the mentioned vBulletin license.
How can I migrate without paying for the service?
Your full database backups which are available at any time can be used to restore your site to your new hosting service. Your webhost should be able to help you getting your database restored, and we can assist with basic installation/migration questions
How often do you perform backups?
We have a daily backup system. We can generally restore a backup within 24 hours of requesting a site be restored to a previous date.

All data made after the backup was created will be lost when restoring a backup.

If I use my allocated storage can I buy more?
Yes, you can purchase a package configured to your needs through the Sales Department.
Do you support SSL with Cloud?
All vBulletin Cloud sites run under SSL.