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Creating Forum Topics

A new topic is the evolution of what previously were called new threads in earlier versions. A topic in a forum or group can hold one or more posts of various content types such traditional text based posts, shared pictures, links or videos, or polls.

To create a new topic click on the +New Topic button when browsing a forum or group. You will be presented with a screen where you must give a title (or subject) of the topic and optionally choose a topic prefix if available. A topic prefix will appear before the title and will contain a list of one or more prefixes chosen by the site administrator to better categorize your topic. Clicking on a thread prefix in forum view will show a list of topics with the same prefix.

Underneath the title, you will see six icons representing your content and editing choices:

  • Camera - Choosing the camera will open an interface where you can upload one or more photos and create a Gallery topic.
  • Link - Choosing the Link icon will allow you to share a Link or Video from external site in order to discuss this item. Only one link is allow per post.
  • Graph - This allows you to start a new poll on the site. Unlike all the other options a poll can only be inserted as the first post in a topic. Choosing to insert poll will allow you to ask a poll question and provide 2 or more options for users to vote on.
  • A (underlined)- Advanced Editor. This will open the Advanced Editing toolbar directly over your post. This allows you to easily apply formatting and other BBCode.
  • Smiley - Opens the smilie manager under your post. Clicking on individual smilies will insert them into the post at the cursor location.
  • File (with paperclip) - Opens up the attachment interface. This will allow you to attach allowed file formats to your post in order to share them with others.

You may also have the option to add tags to the topic. Tags are optional keywords that describe the topic. Click on the Tags + link to add tags. Press enter after each tag you enter. You may also click on popular tags to add them. Press the X icon next to any tag to remove it. Press Save when done adding tags or cancel to discard the tags.

When you have completed your post you may preview or post the new content. Upon pressing Post a new topic will be created.

updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11