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Creating Tables

Tables are used to format and control tabular data. Like a spreadsheet. The software supports basic table functionality to allow this.

This is the container tag. It contains multiple rows and multiple cells per row.
Usage: [table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]
Example Usage: [table]
Table Row
Rows setup the basis for your indivdiual cells and provide additional structure to the table.
Usage: [tr]
Table Cell
Table cells actually hold the content of your table.
Usage: [td]value 1[/td]
[td]value 2[/td]
Example Usage:
value 1value 2
Combined example output.
Example Output:
Name Posts
John 1,203
Sally 1,902
Joe 73
Tim 843
Marcie 1,076
Tom 684

updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11