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Searching this Site

Basic Search

You can perform a basic global search by entering your keywords into the search form located at the top right corner of the page. This will return any results matching your keywords up to the maximum value allowed by the site administrator.

Advanced Search

The site also has an Advanced Search. You can access the Advanced Search by clicking on the down arrow in the search box and selecting it off the resulting menu.

Advanced Search allows you to fine tune your search to include only specific content types, specific forums, blogs or groups or even to search by a specific user.

How do I control my search results

This site uses a keyword-based boolean search. This means that you can search for multiple keywords but not specific phrases. The default comparison is to use 'AND'. This means that if all of your keywords appear in the content, it can be returned in the search results.

You can use 'AND' (default), 'OR' and 'NOT' operators. You can also '-' (minus sign) for NOT. Short, common and bad words are omitted from the search criteria. These short common and bad words are defined by the site administrator.


Excluded Words

  • What it does: excludes search results with a particular word or phrase
  • What to type: bass -fishing
  • What you'll get: results about bass that are not related to fishing

Multiple Words

  • What it does: searches for web pages that include either word
  • What to type: vacation London OR Paris
  • What you'll get: results with the word "vacation" and either "London" or "Paris"

updated: 2021-10-06 01:30pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11