Core Config

A break down of the /core/includes/config.php file.


This file will be compiled by the server and ran as code when your site is accessed. Due to this the way items are formatted is important. If things are formatted incorrectly, your vBulletin site will not run properly.

Formatting Examples

  • Default: $config[‘MasterServer’][‘username’] = ‘root’;
  • Good Example: $config[‘MasterServer’][‘username’] = ‘myuser’;
  • Bad Example: $config[‘MasterServer’][‘myuser’] = ‘root’;

Required Variables

Database Connection

A database connection is required. vBulletin will store all of its data within the connected database. The variables below are necessary to create this connection.

  • $config['Database']['dbname'] - This is the name of your vBulletin Database. Note: If you leave the default value of forum and your database user has permission to create
  • $config['MasterServer']['servername']
  • #config['MasterServer']['port']
  • $config['MasterServer']['username']
  • $config['MasterServer']['password']


  • $config['Database']['tableprefix']
  • $config['Database']['technicalemail']
  • $config['Misc']['cookieprefix']