Topic Display Options

User-Settable Maximum Displayed Posts

If you would like to allow the user to set their own maximum posts per topic then give the options separated by commas.

Example setting: 10,20,30,40

  • Variable Name: usermaxposts
  • Data Type: free
  • Default Value: 5,10,20,30,40

Show Default Post Icon

If you would like to use a default icon for messages without an icon, enter the path to the image here.

  • Variable Name: showdeficon
  • Data Type: free
  • Default Value:

Number of Characters Before Wrapping Text

If you want posts to automatically insert spaces into long words to make them wrap after a certain number of characters, set the number of characters in the box above.

If you do not want this to occur, enter 0.

  • Variable Name: wordwrap
  • Data Type: integer
  • Default Value: 50

Check Topic Rating

If enabled, this option will check if a user voted on a topic and show their vote if they have. Otherwise, they will see the voting options even if they are not able to vote again. This can have an effect on performance.

  • Variable Name: threadvoted
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value:

Post Elements

There is optional user information that you may display on each post. These options require a bit of processing time to calculate.

  • Variable Name: postelements
  • Data Type: bitfield
  • Default Value: 0

Post Signature Inline

If enabled, this option will allow user’s post signature to be displayed inline, below the content.

  • Variable Name: showsignaturesinline
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: 1

Enable Schema Microdata provides a collection of shared vocabularies webmasters can use to mark up their pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines: Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo!

  • Variable Name: schemaenabled
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: 1

Preview Text Length

On the activity stream page, this is the amount of text displayed as a preview.

  • Variable Name: previewLength
  • Data Type: posint
  • Default Value: 200

Enable Share Topics to Facebook?

Shows a Facebook Share button on topic display.

This can be enabled without enabling other Facebook features or creating a Facebook App.

  • Variable Name: sharing_facebook
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: 1

Enable Share Topics to Twitter?

Shows a Twitter Tweet button on topic display.

  • Variable Name: sharing_twitter
  • Data Type: boolean
  • Default Value: 1

Twitter User Name

If sharing to Twitter is enabled, when a user shares a post to Twitter, this username will be added to the tweet as “via @username”. You would normally use this if you have an official Twitter account related to your website. Enter the username without the “@” symbol.

Leave blank to disable this feature.

  • Variable Name: sharing_twitter_username
  • Data Type: free
  • Default Value:

updated: 2021-10-06 03:12pm | Version: 5.6.5 Alpha 11