The footer is the final global component on the site. Using the footer tool, you can add custom links to the bottom of your pages.

The footer is a list of navigation links that appear at the bottom of the site. With Site Builder, you’re able to add links to the footer that can take your users anywhere you want them to go. These items behave similarly to Navigation Links in the Navigation Bar. Unlike the Navigation Bar, the footer doesn’t allow for sub-navigation menus. Any changes to the Footer are global and apply to all pages.

To add a navigation item to your site, make sure that Site Builder is turned on by clicking the [button=“sb-editsite”]Edit Site[/button] button in the user menu at the top of the page. Once the Site Builder menu appears, click on the Footer link.

Click on the Footer link in the menu to open the Footer Editor under the Site Builder Menu. Within the editor, click the [button=“sb-bluebutton”]New Navigation Item[/button] link. A dialog will appear where you can enter the name of the Navigation Link and the URL of its destination. When you are finished adding items, click the “Save Changes” link, and your page will reload with the changes.

Formatting your URLs

  • If you are creating a link to a location outside of vBulletin, you must use a fully qualified URL. E.g.,
  • If you are linking to a page within the vBulletin system, you can use the page name. E.g., articles to link to the articles page.

If you wish to have the link visible to specific usergroups, then click on the Edit link under Usergroups. Select the groups that should be able to view the link. To have the link appear to all usergroups, do not select any or select “All Usergroups”.

Find the navigation item you want to edit and click the Edit ([fa=fa-pencil]) icon to the right of its name. This will open a dialog that allows you to change the name, the URL and the permissions of Footer Link. When you have finished making your changes, click on [button=“sb-editorbutton”]Save Changes[/button] at the top of the Footer editor.

Click on the ‘Footer’ button. This will open form beneath the menu bar. From here, click on the Delete ([fa=fa-trash-o]) icon to the right of the Footer Link that you want to remove. When you have finished making making your changes, click on [button=“sb-editorbutton”]Save Changes[/button] at the top of the Footer editor.