Template Editor

In order to edit templates: In the AdminCP, open Styles and select Style Manager. Open the Choose Style Option dropdown, and select Edit Templates (under Template Options). Alternatively, you can click the « » (Expand Templates button) on the far right of the Style row.

Other template options are Add New Template, and Revert all Templates, which automatically removes all templates that have been customized in this style. The templates in this style then become equivalent to the templates of their parent styles.

On the left is a list of templates and template groups. Click on a template name to select it and get more information, which appears in a textbox on the right under Controls. Double-click on a template group (shown in bold) to view the templates within it.

On the right are buttons to expand (« ») and contract (» «) the template list, and the following additional buttons (under Controls) (any buttons that are not relevant in this environment are greyed out):

  • Customize: If a template has yet to be edited in this style, click this button to edit it.
  • Expand/Collapse: This button expands or collapses a specific template group.
  • Edit: If a template has already been edited in this style, click this button to edit it further. This is effectively the same action as Customize.
  • View Original: If the selected template has been edited, clicking this button shows you the original version of the template.
  • Revert: Allows you to revert a template to the version that is being used in the parent style (or the original if there is no parent style). If the template being reverted is a custom template with no corresponding original/default, it is deleted.

You can also double-click a template in the list to edit it.

Templates are color coded as follows:

  • Black: This template is unmodified in this style or any parent styles. The version included with vBulletin is used.
  • [color=#FF5500]Orange[/color]: This template has been modified in a parent style, but not in this style. The modified template is used.
  • [color=#CC0000]Red[/color]: This templates has been modified in this style. The customized version is used.