Publishing Your App

  1. Once your developer account has been processed and approved, go to and sign in with your Google Account.
  2. Under "All Application" tab, click "Add new application".
  3. Enter the "Title", which is the name of your app. Then click on "Upload APK".
  4. In the next screen, click on "Upload your first APK to Production".
  5. Click the "Browse files" button, navigate to and select the file:

    vb5support.apk And click the "Open" button to upload.

  6. Once your APK is uploaded, you will be taken to the Store Listing page.
  7. In the "Title" field enter your app name.

    This is the name of your application as it will appear in the Goole Play store!

  8. In the "Short Description" field enter a short description of your app.
  9. In the "Full Description" field you may enter any description you like. You can start with the following as a template, and add or remove items as you see fit:

    With vBulletin Mobile, you can access forums directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

    • Send and receive PM's
    • Access and post to the most recent discussions
    • Read and post to vBulletin blogs and articles
    • View vBulletin profiles
    • Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime
  10. Click on the "Choose File" button to upload your "Screenshots". Screenshots are provided in the "uploads" directory with the Mobile Publisher download package.
  11. Click on " Add high-res icon" to upload your app's icon. There is a compatible icon included in the html folder of the downloaded package, but this can be any 512x512 PNG image.
  12. Click on " Add feature graphic" to upload your app's featured graphic on the Google Play web store. This can be any 1024 x 500 PNG image.
  13. The "Promo Graphic", "TV Banner", and "Promotional Video" content are all optional. If you would like to provide assets for these items you can.
  14. For the "Application Type" drop-down, select:


  15. For the "Category" drop-down, select:


  16. For the "Content Rating" option, select a content rating that is appropriate for your forum content
  17. Click "Save Draft" to save all of your inputs so far.
  18. For the "New content Rating" option, Click on "content rating" to fill out a rating questionnaire
  19. Click "Continue"
  20. Enter your email address and Click on "Social networking, forums, and UGC sharing".
  21. On the Miscellaneous questionaires, answer "No" to the following questions:
    • Does the app share user-provided personal information with third parties?
    • Does the app share the user's current physical location to other users?
    • Does the app allow users to purchase digital goods? Other questions must be answered according to the actual content of your forum.
  22. Click on "Save Questionnaire".
  23. Then click on "Calculate rating".
  24. Your calculated rating will be returned in the next screen. Click "Apply Rating".
  25. Go back to Store Listing to finish the rest of details.
  26. The "Privacy Policy" field is also optional. If you have a privacy policy you would like to use you can enter the URL here, otherwise select the "Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time" checkbox.
  27. Click "Save Draft" to save all of your inputs so far.
  28. Next, select Pricing & Distribution.

    Note about Pricing! If you publish your app as a Free app you will NOT be able to charge for it at a later date! The app will remain a free app! If you wish to charge for it at a later date you will need to upload your application anew.

  29. Select whether this is a Paid or Free app.
  30. If would like like to distribute your app globally, check off "SELECT ALL COUNTRIES". If you would like to choose particular countries only you may do so by checking the appropriate country checkboxes.
  31. Next, select whether your app contains ads. If you did not specify to use Google Ad when building the app from vBulletin Mobile Publisher, then you should select "No".
  32. Check off the Consent boxes of Content guidelines and US export laws.
  33. Click "Save Draft" to save all of your inputs so far.
  34. Your app status will now change to "Ready to Publish". Click the "Publish" button at the top of the page
  35. Your application will appear in the Google Play store shortly, typically within a few hours.