Getting Started with Pages

Image here of New Page form

Go ahead and click the button. You’ll notice three tabs in the form. Each tab controls a different aspect of Page Creation. \<Add Modules> lets you drag and drop new modules onto a page. Once you’ve added a module to a page, you can change the placement of the module by dragging and dropping it where you want, edit the functionality, and even remove the module.

[hop=sitebuilder_modulelist]Click here for a list of modules and what they do.[/hop]

The \<Change Layout> tab, on the other hand, controls how many columns your page has and the width of each column.

Image here of tab

The \<Select Template> tab allows you to create a page quickly from a saved template. A template is an existing page that has all the modules, with the options you selected for them, and the layout you made for them that you can use to make your new page. This is especially handy when you’re creating a number of similar pages with only small differences.

Image here of