Shortcodes are similar to the BBCode used within vBulletin. They are used here to provide additional functionality that are provided by Markdown. Using both Markdown and Shortcodes enables richer documents to be created.

Allows you to easily change the color of text within an article. Color is often used for emphasis.

  • usage: [color=blue]This would be blue text[/color]

Left align the text between this shortcode

  • usage: [left]This text will be left aligned[/left]

Center a selection of text between this shortcode

  • usage: [center]This text will be centered[/center]

Right align the text between this shortcode

  • usage: [right]This text will be right aligned[/right]

Do not process the shortcodes between these raw shortcode tags

  • usage: This is some [u]bb style underline[/u] and not much else

The [ui-callout] shortcode is intended to be able to provide numbered callout badges on an image and allow you to hover over an image and see a tooltip describing a particular feature. This is particularly useful when describing a user interface or provide notes or tips for an image. It is made up of several item shortcodes. Each [ui-callout-item] defines a particular item or tip that exists for the image.

  • usage:
    [ui-callout-item title="Outlines" position="15%, 20%, se"]
    This administrative panel lists displays the current theme's outlines, giving you quick access
    to edit, rename, duplicate, and delete them.
    [ui-callout-item title="Menu Editor" position="60%, 85%, nw"]
    This administrative [color=blue]panel gives you the ability[/color] to enhance the platform's
    menu by altering styling, rearranging links, and creating menu items that sit outside of the
    CMS's integrated Menu Manager.

At first glance, this doesn't look like a complex shortcode but it does quite a bit of work behind the scenes. Using the TOC shortcode allows you to insert a table of contents in a page. There is an example at the top right of this page. This appears much like the navigation within a Wiki page. TOC only has an opening code, there is no closing code. This should be the first line in the article. It will convert all headers to anchors and provide links to them.

  • usage: [toc]