About Locales

Locales tell the system how to display characters on your system. A locale is often required to show non-English UTF-8 characters on the page. This is a list of locales that works with vBulletin. Each locale needs to be installed in the Operating System to work properly.

Standard vBulletin Languages

Language Locale Base Character Set
English (US) en_us.UTF8 ISO-8859-1
German (DU) de_DE.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
French fr_FR.UTF-8 or
fr_CH.UTF-8 or
Spanish es_ES.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252

Other Languages

Language Locale Base Character Set
Afrikaans af_ZA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Albanian sq_AL.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Arabic ar_SA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1256
Basque eu_ES.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Belarusian be_BY.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Bosnian bs_BA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Bulgarian bg_BG.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Catalan ca_ES.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Croatian hr_HR.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Chinese (Simplified) zh_CN.UTF-8 CP936
Chinese (Traditional) zh_TW.UTF-8 CP950
Czech cs_CZ.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Danish da_DK.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Dutch nl_NL.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
English (AUS) en.UTF-8 ISO-8859-1
Estonian et_EE.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1257
Farsi fa_IR.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1256
Filipino ph_PH.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Finnish fi_FI.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
French (Canada) fr_CA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Gaelic ga.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Gallego gl_ES.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Georgian ka_GE.UTF-8  
German de_DE.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Greek el_GR.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1253
Gujarati gu.UTF-8  
Hebrew he_IL.utf8 WINDOWS-1255
Hindi hi_IN.UTF-8  
Hungarian hu.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Icelandic is_IS.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Indonesian id_ID.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Italian it_IT.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Japanese ja_JP.UTF-8 CP932
Kannada kn_IN.UTF-8  
Khmer km_KH.UTF-8  
Korean ko_KR.UTF-8 EUC-KR
Lao lo_LA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1257
Lithuanian lt_LT.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1257
Latvian lat.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1257
Malayalam ml_IN.UTF-8 x-iscii-ma
Malaysian ms_MY.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Maori (Ngai Tahu) mi_NZ.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Maori (Waikoto Uni) mi_NZ.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Mongolian mn.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Norwegian no_NO.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Norwegian (Primary) no_NO.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Nynorsk nn_NO.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Polish pl.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Portuguese pt_PT.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Romanian ro_RO.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Russian ru_RU.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Samoan Maori.1252 WINDOWS-1252
Serbian sr_CS.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Slovak sk_SK.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Slovenian sl_SI.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1250
Somali so_SO.UTF-8  
Swedish sv_SE.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1252
Tagalog tl.UTF-8  
Tamil ta_IN.UTF-8  
Thai th_TH.UTF-8 WINDOWS-874
Tongan mi_NZ.UTF-8' WINDOWS-1252
Turkish tr_TR.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1254
Ukrainian uk_UA.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1251
Vietnamese vi_VN.UTF-8 WINDOWS-1258